Horse Steak Meadow

Horse Steak Meadow

"Handsome little glade"

Photo of a small forest meadow

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Clark and his advance detail of six hunters camped here on September 18, 1805. Lewis and the main party passed through three days later. The fairly large meadow, which is seen in the center of the aerial photo below, is dry most of the year. Hungery Creek is just beyond the trees at right. The original trail tread is very faint here because of the rocky soil, and because of occasional flooding during spring runoff. —Steve Russell

This was their rest and fast-food-for-the-horses stop on Monday the sixteenth of June, 1806. Here, they found

a handsome little glade in which we found some grass for our horses we therefore halted to let them graize and took dinner knowing that there was no other convenient situation for that purpose short of the glaids on hungry creek where we intended to encamp, as the last probable place, at which we shall find a sufficient quantity of grass for many days.

That morning they "saw in the hollows and N[orth] hillsides large quatities of snow yet undisolved; in some places it was from two to three feet deep."


Hungery Creek

View east-northeast

Aerial view, Hungery Creek

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