James Holmberg

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Curator of Special Collections
The Filson Historical Society
Louisville, Kentucky

James Holmberg writes and lectures on the Lewis and Clark Expedition, with special focus on William Clark and York. In addition to numerous scholarly articles, Holmberg has written the epilogue for the revised edition (2000) of Robert Betts's biography, In Search of York: The Slave who went to the Pacific with Lewis and Clark, and edited Dear Brother: Letters of William Clark to Jonathan Clark (2002). In July 2003 the University Press of Kentucky published Into the Wilderness: The Lewis and Clark Expedition, the latest addition to the Kentucky Humanities Council's New Books for New Readers, a series that targets adult literacy programs and English as Second Language class, as well as upper elementary level students.He has served on national, state, and local boards of several Lewis and Clark organizations, and as chair of the Kentucky Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission. Mr. Holmberg holds two degrees in history from the University of Louisville. He has been a member of the Filson Historical Society staff since 1982.

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