Earle E. Spamer

Photo of Earl Spamer

Reference Librarian
American Philosophical Society
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Earle Spamer studied geology at Rutgers University and after receiving his degree went into the field of museum research collections. Before arriving at the American Philosophical Society as a Reference Librarian in 2005, he had been at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia for nearly 20 years; his last position was as Archivist of the Academy. He had held earlier positions there as Collection Manager in several specimen research collections, including Botany and Mineralogy. The Mineralogy collection includes the extant rock and mineral specimens from the Lewis and Clark expedition. In the Botany Department he had a close working relationship with the Lewis and Clark Herbarium, co-producing the first digital study-set of those plants. He has had the unusual privilege of having held positions working with the natural history specimens of Lewis and Clark, at the Academy of Natural Sciences, and the journals of the explorers at the American Philosophical Society.

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