Introducing Michael Carrick

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Michael Carrick

Michael Carrick holding an espontoon

Michael Carrick is widely known as a collector of rare firearms. He has written articles for Gun Digest Reloader's Manual, The Gun Report Magazine, Muzzle Blasts Magazine, and other specialized publications relating to antique firearms collecting.

His large collection contains examples of all the weapons—he prefers to call them "tools of survival"—carried by Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery.

Formerly he was the owner of Lightning Powder Company of Salem, Oregon, manufacturers and distributors of equipment for crime scene investigators. He still serves as a consultant, lecturer and instructor for the firm, with his responsibilities continuing to take him to all quarters of the globe. He is a life member and a Distinguished Fellow of the International Association for Identification, an organization of police scientific investigators founded in 1916, and has published several technical articles in their journal.

Michael Carrick is a diligent historian and a member of the Historical Society of Marion County, Oregon, and the Mission Mill Historical Association of Salem. He is a member of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Inc., and a past president of the Oregon chapter of the foundation. He has published several articles on historical stereo-photography in Stereo World.

While pursuing his wide range of interests with equal passion, he has also left his mark in community service, not only locally but also in other countries. He has traveled with the Northwest Medical Team to Romania to work in orphanages, to Mexico City to work with children living in the city dump, and three times to Honduras to help develop potable water systems for poor communities.