Barbara Fifer

Photo of Barbara Fifer

George Lane photo, courtesy Helena Independent Record

Barbara Fifer holds a degree in creative writing and comparative literature from Ohio University. As an editor and writer she has worked in many types of print media. She is the author of books that include Going Along with Lewis and Clark, Day-by-Day with Lewis and Clark, Lewis and Clark Expedition Illustrated Glossary, Meeting Natives with Lewis and Clark, Montana's Mining Frontier Ghost Towns, Wyoming's Historic Forts, and EveryDay U.S. Geography, and co-author with Vicky Soderberg of Along the Trail with Lewis and Clark,a highly successful book combining a lively synopsis of the Expedition's story with travel information, plus full-color maps by Joseph Mussulman. Barbara's credits also include articles on Western history and travel such as explanation of some Lewis and Clark place names in Montana, a biography of cowboy artist Will James, and a study of the effects of the Hard Winter of 1886-87 on the open-range cattle industry in Montana.

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