View from the Heights

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View From the Heights

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This QTVR scene is a panorama from the high point to which the captains climbed on the morning of June 3,1805. It opens on a view down the Missouri River, which is flowing northward at this point. The Corps' campsite of June 2 is behind the trees to the right .east .of the river. Clicking on that hot spot will return you to the previous panorama.

Above those trees is another hot spot that will lead you to a page about the mountains seen faintly on thehorizon, and a tragic moment in history. Turning toward the northwest (your left), you are looking across an island and a side channel of the Missouri.The Marias River is out of sight behind the trees. Select the hot spot there to learn about a golden dream.

Continuing to turn to your left, you will encounter a plant you might recognize. But do you know its romantic story? Click on the hot-spot.

Another turn to your left beings the Missouri River back into view. A hot spot over the mountains on the horizon leads to an illustrated geography lesson. (You may also proceed to the above hot spots from the following menu:

Highwood and Belt Mountains to highwood mountains
Bears Paw Mountains to bears paw mountains
Yucca to yucca glauca
Paper Gold to paper gold
"First Glance" to first glance