Saltmakers' Oven, 1899

The Oven in 1899

From Olin D. Wheeler, The Trail of Lewis
and Clark: 1804-1904
(New York, G. P.
Putnam's Sons, 1904), 2:207.

The late Silas B. Smith, a descendant of the Clatsop chief, Comowool, is seated on remains of the fireplace where Lewis and Clark's detail boiled seawater for the salt, near Seaside, Oregon. The photographer may have been of Portland, Oregon.

Silas Smith's mother, Se-li-ast, was the daughter of Comowool—properly Coboway—the Clatsop Indian chief to whom the captains gave the buildings they called Fort Clatsop. Se-li-ast was born sometime between 1801 and 1804. Her son Silas, born in 1840, became a leading regional historian and a prominent member of the Oregon Historical Society.