A Frolick?

On June 28, 1805, at their camp at the upstream end of the portage around the falls of the Missouri, Lewis complained:

The White bear have become so troublesome to us that I do not think it prudent to send one man alone on an errand of any kind, particularly where he has to pass through the brush. we have seen two of them on the large Island opposite to us today but are so much engaged that we could not spare the time to hunt them, but will make a frolick of it when the party return and drive them from these islands. they come close arround our camp every night but have never yet ventured to attack us and our dog gives us timely notice of their visits, he keeps constantly padroling all night. I have made the men sleep with their arms by them as usual for fear of accedents.

No wonder! The bears were then at the height of their spring feast, and the Corps of Discovery was sleeping on their banquet table.