Horse Chronicles

Life-size diorama of an Indian and Clark standing if front of a white horse.

Yellepit's White Horse

Mouth of the Walla Walla River

Display at Fort Walla Walla Museum. Photo by Kris Townsend. Used with permission.

What challenges did traveling by horse bring to the Expedition?

masthead saying 'We Proceeded On'
Reprinted from We Proceeded On1

The Expedition left horse tracks of at least four to five hundred miles on a westward lineal course, plus at least a thousand miles easterly, widely scattered over strikingly varied terrain. The Corps of Discovery had become, in effect, a kind of cavalry unit for a cumulative period of six months during its approximate 28 months of absence from St. Louis. These men had then to manage a large squadron of unruly animals on which they were absolutely dependent for surmounting the most dangerous fifth of the total round trip.