Medicine on the Trail

Dr. Peck and Joe Mussulman walking at Travelers' Rest

Transcript: Today we are at Travelers' Rest, which was the Lewis and Clark Expedition's campground, of early September 1805 and early July of 1806. My name is David Peck. I am a practicing physician in San Diego, and I am the author of Or Perish in the Attempt: Wilderness Medicine in the Lewis and Clark Expedition . . . .

Secrets of Sulpher Spring

Interactive aerial photo of the muddy Belt entering the Missouri

At the mouth of the Marias River on June 10, 1805, just before setting out to explore the "Southerley" fork of the Missouri, Lewis noted, "Sah-cah-gah, we a, our Indian woman is very sick this evening: Capt. C. blead her." Indeed, Clark's concern for her was conspicuous in his daily journal entries, which described her serious condition and his repeated bleeding therapy . . . .