Milk River

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image map by Joseph Mussulman

Creeping down the nearly imperceptible slope of the northern high plains, this is the stream Lewis and Clark described as possessing a peculiar whiteness, being about the colour of a cup of tea with the admixture of a tablespoonfull of milk. Every turn furthers its langourous descent to mingle with the Missouri River. In the six straight-line statute miles from the upper left to the lower right corner of the image, the river meanders for 26.5 miles toward all points of the compass, falling only five feet, inch by merest inch.

This segment of the river was photographed by satellite from an altitude of about fourteen miles. It extends from a point near Glasgow, Montana, beyond the southeast (lower right) corner of the image, to the vicinity of Tampico, Montana, beyond the northwest (upper left) corner (See Building a Ranch, Fig. 8).

Missouri and Milk Encouraging words panther mountain near bear's paw