Day by Day with Lewis & Clark

The expedition officially set out from Camp Dubois opposite the mouth of the Missouri River on Monday, May 14, 1804, and spent a total of 232 days en route that year. However, this series of audio episodes was broadcast Monday through Friday only beginning on May 6, 2004, so there are only 172 episodes in the series paralleling the 1804 segment of the expedition, including four introductory vignettes. There are 260 radio episodes for the full year of 1805, and 195 representing the 266 days they were on the trail in 1806, with several wrap-ups after they returned to St. Louis on September 23. Overall, the episodes average about 3½ minutes in length.


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Originally aired by Yellowstone Public Radio during the Bicentennial observance of 2003-2006.
Narrated by Hal Hansen
Scripts by Whit Hansen and Ed Jacobson
Produced by Leni Holliman
© 2003 by Yellowstone Public Radio.

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