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Memin's Portrait of Lewis

Peale's Portrait of Lewis

Peale's portrait of Lewis
Meriwether Lewis (1807)
by Charles Willson Peale
Oil on canvas
Original size, 23 x 18-3/4 inches.

harles Wilson Peale (17411827), was famous not only as an artist but also as the curator of "Peale's Museum" in Philadelphia, which contained his remarkable collection of natural history specimens as well as more than one hundred of his own portraits of famous people. He painted this likeness of Lewis in April of 1807.

Further reading:

Paul R. Cutright, "Lewis & Clark: Portraits and Portraitists," Montana: The Magazine of Western History, XIX, 2 (April 1969), 3753.

--Joseph Mussulman

Memin's Portrait of Lewis

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