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Nicholas King Map (1803), Deta

Captain Clark Reaches the Roche Jaune

Captain Clark Reaches the Roche Jaune
J. K. Ralston

Oil on canvas, 1960
5.5' by 17.5'

July 15, 1806, Captain Clark:

Passing over a low dividing ridge to the head of a water Course [Bilman Creek] which runs into the Rochejhone, prosueing an old buffalow road which enlarges by one which joins it from the most Easterly branch of Galetins R.…The mountains [the Absaroka Range and the Beartooth Mountains] to the S. S. E on the East side of the river is rocky rugid and on them are great quantities of Snow.

Used by permission of the First National Bank of Livingston (Livingston, Montana)
in cooperation with the Headwaters Chapter,
Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Inc.

--Joseph Mussulman

Last River
Nicholas King Map (1803), Deta

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