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Figure 7

Phil Johnston's "Scout" Canoe

Johnston 20-ft

Figure 8

Chines at the Bow


Figure 9


2. "20-footer" The Phil Johnston "Scout Canoe."

Phil Johnston of Orofino has made more than twelve dugouts (including the one in the BLM Lewis and Clark Bicentennial poster), and this is his most recent, put in a pond just a week before our test put it in the rapids. It is 19' 10" long, 33" wide and weighs about 1400 pounds, made of Ponderosa pine. The flat bottom is 28" wide. It has minimum chines, about 3-4" at 55-60 degrees, then a vertical side, 19" high top to bottom. The gunwales are 2" thick, and the bottom is 6" thick, twice as much as Walt Marten's. The bow is quite wide and blunt, though narrowed in half at the entry line. Phil, and the canoeists standing on the bank, were worried about the sharp, vertical sides of this new boat in the heavy cross currents, so we paddled this boat last.

--Bill Bevis, 06/05

The Replicas
Big Canoe

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