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The ExpeditionThrough the Columbia Gorge
Wishrams and the Expedition
Back Through the Gorge, 1806

Clark's Chart, Great Falls of the Columbia

Tinted drawing by William Clark

Pass cursor over map to read details.

lark made two nearly identical pen-and-ink drawings, with his sure and steady hand, of the Great or Celilo Falls of the Columbia. This one appears in the notebook believed to have been his journal No. 6, now known as Codex H, which contains his daily entries from October 11 through November 19, 1805, as well as a number of other important documents.1 This map begins on the flyleaf of the book and continues on page one. The page size is 7-7/8 by 4-7/8 inches.

Clark may have added the watercolor treatment during the ensuing winter at Fort Clatsop, or perhaps post-expedition, possibly with the expectation that it could serve as the basis for a hand-tinted engraving in the published version of the expedition's journals.

A short distance downriver are the Short and Long Narrows, which Clark also charted for possible use in Biddle's edition of the journals.

--Joseph Mussulman, 10/06

1. For an inventory of the contents of Codex H, see Moulton, Journals, 2:558.

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Wishrams and the Expedition
Back Through the Gorge, 1806

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