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The Expedition
Discovering Lewis & Clark from the Air


Photographer's Preface

Select photos from the linked numerals on the following maps, or
from the titles listed sequentially beneath the seventh map.

Discovering Lewis & Clark from the Air
contains 111 photographs of selected locations along the itinerary of
the Corps of Discovery, from coast to coast.

Browse Jim Wark's extensive photo gallery at Airphotona.com.

Portland, Oregon Salmon River Fishing Trip The Bend of the Yellowstone Canoe Camp on the Yellowstone Pryor Creek A Bridge Over the Yellowstone Pompeys Pillar Badlands Along the Yellowstone Knobby Prairie Lewis and Clark Pass Camp Disappointment Fight Site on the Two MedCannon Beach, OR Tillamook Head Seaside, OR Lewis and Clark River Long Beach, WA Cape Disappointment Point Ellice Grays Bay Lower Estuary, Columbia North Cascades, Dawn Ridgefield NWR Beacon Rock Bonneville Dam The Dalles, Oregon Miller Island near The Dalles Columbia River near Blalock ORSnake joins Columbia Snake near the Palouse Tucannon meets Snake Clearwater meets Snake Near Spalding ID Clearwater Canoe Camp Weippe Prairie Lolo Pass, Bitterroot Mountains Travelers' RestFort Peck Lake C.R. Russell NWR Deserts of America White Cliffs Citadel Rock Great Wall Decision Point Narrow Escape Tremendous Cataract Crooked Falls Lost Trail Pass Salmon River near Shoup Upper Lemhi Valley Lemhi Pass Clark Canyon Dam Beaverhead Rock Tobacco Root Mountains Jefferson at Cardwell, MT Gates of the Mountains Oxbow Bend, Gates of the Mountains Lower Portage Camp Sun River joins Missouri Rainbow Falls 66. Headwaters of the MissouriFort Peck Lake Fort Peck Lake Milk River Oil Well, northeastern Montana Fort Union Yellowstone and Missouri Strip Mine near Falkirk NDFort MandanKnife River Villages Mandan-Bismarck Fort Yates ND Oahe Dam Pierre, South Dakota Big Bend Fort Randall Dam Sandbars Niobrara River Yankton, SD Elk Point, SD Floyd Monument Spirit Mound Blue Lake Little Sioux, Iowa Tornado Omaha Platte River Rulo, Nebraska St. Joseph Kansas River Malta Bend Driftwood Arrow Rock Jefferson City Osage River Charrette Creek St. Charles, Missouri Mouth of MissouriSt. Louis Grand Tower American Bottom Mississippi River Wabash River Louisville Cincinnati Wheeling, West Virginia Brown's Island, Weirton, West Virginia Lawrenceville, West Virginia Pittsburgh Harpers Ferry Monticello

Photographer's Preface
1. Monticello
2. Harpers Ferry
3. Pittsburgh
4. Lawrenceville, West Virginia
5. Brown's Island, Weirton West Virginia
6. Wheeling, West Virginia
7. Cincinnati
8. Louisville
9. The Wabash joins the Ohio
10. The Ohio meets the Mississippi
11. Mississippi River above Cairo, Illinois
12. Grand Tower near Cape Girardeau
13. Western Gate: St. Louis
14. The Missouri meets the Mississippi
15. St. Charles, Missouri
16. Charrette Creek opposite Washington, Missouri
17. Osage River
18. Jefferson City on the Missouri
19. Arrow Rock, Missouri
20. Drift, near Arrow Rock, Missouri
21. Malta Bend, in Missouri
22. Confluence, Kansas & Missouri Rivers
23. St. Joseph, Missouri
24. Rulo, Nebraska
25. Confluence - Platte and Missouri
26. Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs, IA
27. Tornado Damage near Logan, IA
28. North of Little Sioux, Iowa
29. Blue Lake, Onawa, IA
30. Sioux City, Iowa
31. Elk Point, South Dakota
32. Spirit Mound near Vermillion, SD
33. Yankton, South Dakota
34. Sandbars near Springfield, SD
35. Niobrara River meets the Missouri
36. Fort Randall Dam
37. The Big Bend of the Missouri
38. Pierre, South Dakota
39. Oahe Dam
40. Fort Yates, North Dakota...
41. Bismarck-Mandan, North Dakota
42. Knife River Village Site
43. Fort Mandan
44. Strip Mine, Falkirk, ND
45. Confluence of the Yellowstone & Missouri
46. Fort Union
47. Oil Well near Culbertson, MT
48. Milky Blend
49. Spillway, Fort Peck Dam
50. Fort Peck Lake
51. Fort Peck Lake
52. C.M. Russell NWR
53. Deserts of America
54. White Cliffs
55. Citadel Rock
56. Great Wall
57. Decision Point
58. Narrow Escape
59. Tremendous Cataract
60. Crooked Falls
61. Rainbow Falls
62. Sun River joins the Missouri
63. Lower Portage Camp
64. Oxbow Bend
65. Gates of the Mountains
66. Headwaters of the Missouri
67. Jefferson River at Cardwell, MT
68. Tobacco Root Mountains
69. Beaverhead Rock
70. Clark Canyon Dam
71. Lemhi Pass
72. Upper Lemhi Valley
73. Salmon River near Shoup, ID
74. Lost Trail Pass
75. Travelers Rest
76. Bitterroot Mountains near Lolo Pass
77. Weippe Prairie
78. Canoe Camp on the Clearwater
79. Clearwater River Near Spalding, Idaho
80. The Clearwater Meets the Snake
81. The Snake River at the Tucannon
82. Snake River near the Palouse River
83.Confluence, Snake and Columbia Rivers
84. Columbia River near Blalock, Oregon
85. Miller Island near The Dalles
86. The Dalles, Oregon
87. Bonneville Dam & Mount Adams
88. Beacon Rock
89. Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge
90. North Cascades at Dawn
91. Lower Estuary of the Columbia
92. Grays Bay
93. Point Ellice
94. Cape Disappointment
95. Long Beach
96. Lewis and Clark River
97. Seaside, Oregon
98. Tillamook Head
99. Cannon Beach, Oregon
100. Portland, Oregon
101. Salmon River Fishing Trip
102. Bend of the Yellowstone
103. Yellowstone Canoe Camp
104. Pryor Creek
105. Bridge on the Yellowstone
106. Pompeys Pillar
107. Montana Badlands
108. Knobby Prairie
109. Lewis and Clark Pass
110. Camp Disappointment
111. Fight on the Two Med

From Discovering Lewis & Clark ®, http://www.lewis-clark.org © 1998-2014
by The Lewis and Clark Fort Mandan Foundation, Washburn, North Dakota.
Journal excerpts are from The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, edited by Gary E. Moulton
13 vols. (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1983-2001)