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Since January of 2009 the ownership and management of Discovering Lewis & Clark® has been in the hands of the Lewis and Clark Fort Mandan Foundation of Washburn, North Dakota. Fort Mandan is where the members of the Expedition first met and were equipped in 1804, and where they returned in 1806. Our intention is not only to preserve and maintain the site which has been online since 1998, but also to undertake new initiatives and historical investigations supported by emerging technologies at appropriate times, in pursuit of our mission to make this the most comprehensive and useful Lewis and Clark website on the Internet.

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William Clark
William Clark
Buffalo fighting
Bison: many different names, history, politics, plus recipes
Sacagawea with child on back
A child went with them, and saw it all...
Iconic hats
The Journals: research and elucidation
Grizzly Bear image by Monte Dolack
Bears are "half-human," some Indians used to say
Meriwether Lewis
Meriwether Lewis
Bitterroot flower
Montana state flower and other edible wild plants
Headwaters of the Missouri
Aerial views and hundreds of maps showing what their route looks like now
Newfoundland dog
One of the biggest dogs went with them
Violinist Samual Taylor
How Jefferson played the violin
Canoe cross section drawing
Dugout canoes: how well did they paddle


Recent Additions

Jack Nisbet, prominent teacher, naturalist and writer, contributed a second essay to Discovering Lewis & Clark®. This one is titled Convergence: David Douglas, the Corps of Discovery, and Scientific Exploration in the New World. In April of 2007 he presented Parallel Journeys: David Thompson, Lewis & Clark, and Thomas Jefferson. For a list of Nisbet's numerous print publications to date, click on his name on the menu page of either essay.